Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 5/18/2011

I have the finished picture of this project that I took today, but my camera died before I could upload it to the computer; so, y'all are stuck with the same old shot you've seen before...I finished the knitting of this Feather-n-Fan scarf at the end of April.  It was the only thing I finished in April.  I am counting it as a WIP because it still needs to be blocked - and I am not sure what it is going to be...

It is too short to be a scarf.  It may grow up to be a shawlette or something like that.  Stay tuned...

Last night, we went to Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals...Awesome game! 

I worked on my May socks.  They are almost to the heel. Yay!

Finally, see that yarn wrapped around the ball?  I frogged back about 2 inches on this top when I noticed a couple of wonky stitches right in the middle of center front.  I tried to fix them before I frogged, but it was not pretty.  Elphaba must be perfect...

I really like working with the TML.  I heart the color.  I heart the way if feels in my hands and I heart the fabric it makes.  It's definitely a happy project.

MK out.

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