Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Wild and Exciting Night That Ended With a Dilemma...

Don't the guys look relaxed before the game?  And this is after being down by 15 points with about five minutes to go, making a run and forcing overtime, before winning the game on Monday night in OKC.

It was quite the defensive game all night.  There were missed shots, bad calls, good plays, wonderful stops, big baskets - and the Mavericks were down most of the game, but always within easy making-a-run-to-capture-the-lead distance.  They were down by five around the five minute mark, when they started their move.  At 1:14, they took the lead and took it all the way to the buzzer...Go Mavs!

The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Western Conference Champions!

Everybody had fun!

So, during all this watching of the basketball game, I was knitting.  I knitted away happily and it is looking less and less likely that I will have enough yarn to have a decent cuff - let alone the 5-6 inch cuff that I prefer.

Oy vey!

MK out.

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