Friday, February 16, 2018

FO Friday - 2/16/2018

I think I may have hinted that I finished the Liesl cardigan. I blocked it and it grew some sideways, maybe not quite enough. I don't know. BUT, it grew quite a bit longwise. I didn't have a photographer today to take pictures of me wearing it; so I can ask your opinions. I'll wait til next week to go into all that.

I do have an honest-to-goodness FO though.

Pattern: Jodi  by Joji Locatelli
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca in Creme, Gray and Purple Violet Mix
Comments: I love this pattern. I will likely make it again, because the knitting goes quickly. I've seen so many gorgeous color combinations on Ravelry....and speckles...and tonals! I'm a little jelly. Mine is a little bland, but I am determined to use stash first! 

Also, my shawl is a little smaller than the pattern intends. The pattern calls for DK. The company lists the DROPS Alpaca as a sportweight. Most people think it's more like a fingering weight. Anyway, I used up some stash and have a nice neck thing. I'm good with that.

MK out.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Movie Monday - 2/12/2018

In Phantom Thread, Daniel Day-Lewis plays an internationally known fashion designer, Reynolds Woodcock, who dresses the elite in the 1950s setting of this film. He's very persnickety and rather abusive to his underlings at times. His sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) is in charge of all the pesky details that make the House of Woodcock run smoothly...until...Reynolds meets Alma (Vicky Krieps). She becomes his muse and eventual wife...then things get interesting, and not in a good way.. I loved the fashion and the acting was great, but the movie takes you down a winding path and drops you off at weird. Meh.

Now that I've seen All the Money in the World, I wonder why they ever cast Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty. He's a good actor, one of the best, but Christopher Plummer was excellent in this role. The film is based on the true story about the 1973 kidnapping of J. Paul Getty, III and the subsequent machinations to secure the ransom money and ensure the safe return of Paul to his family. Michelle Williams, Mark Walberg and Charlie Plummer also star. It was good.

Alicia Vikander is such a good actress. In Tulip Fever, set in the 1600sshe plays a wealthy woman who falls in love with the painter (Dane DeHaan) her husband (Christoph Waltz) commissions to paint their portrait. The lovers set out to strike it rich in the tulip market in order to fund their future. The story was good, although I found myself getting restless with some of the plot points along the way. The acting was very good. I liked it.

MK out.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Start Something Sunday - 2/11/2018

Because I don't have enough to do, I started a baby cardi:

I finished something yesterday. Here's a sneak peak:

Something is getting closer to completion:

MK out.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP Wednesday - 2/7/2018

I've got WIPs coming out the ears...

...but my yarn for this semester's Loopy Academy has arrived...

...and I'm itching to start all the things.

MK out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

WIP Wednesday - 1/24/2018

This project is vexing me. 

It's been OTN for quite a while and you see it now in its present state. I tried it on the other day, and am not confident that it will fit when completed. Of course, I didn't work a gauge swatch. I may have been optimistic in picking a size too small for me. I figured that the lacy nature of the pattern would open up enough. And, even if I were to start over, yet again, I don't have another skein of yarn to make a bigger size. As it stands now, the sleeves may need to be shorter than I like.

Then, there's the Volver scarf.

I'm at the halfway point.

Since neither of these two projects have a due date, I started another shawl.

It's the Jodi, by Joji Locatelli. I'm trying to use stash People! It's a three color shawl, and I know I'm going to use this cream and a grey color. I haven't decided on the third yet.

MK out.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Movie Monday - 1/22/2018

In Mudbound, a white family buys a farm in Mississippi that members of a black family have been farming for generations. Being that it is the South in the 1940s, racism abounds. Some might argue that not much has changed in many ways since, and I'd have to agree, but I digress. Henry (Jason Clark) and Laura (Carey Mulligan) share 2 kids and a loveless marriage. Henry's father Pappy (Jonathan Banks) lives with them and showers them, and his brother Jamie (Garrett Hedlund) with criticism and prejudice. The sharecroppers, Hap (Rob Morgan) and his wife Florence (Mary J. Blige) do their best with what little they have. Their son Ronsel (Jason Mithcell) served in the war as a tank commander. When he comes home after the war, he returns to the racism from which he had a welcome reprieve in Europe. Jamie, who was a bomber pilot, suffers from PTSD, for which he self medicates with alcohol. Jamie and Ronsel become unlikely friends. The racist antics made my stomach hurt, but the movie is really good. The acting was superlative. I'm looking for Mary J. Blige to get an Oscar nomination.

Armie Hammer plays Oliver, a graduate student who travels to Italy to work with a college professor for the summer, in Call Me By Your Name. Timothée Chalamat plays Elio, the professor's 17-year-old son, who is a prodigy in literature and music. The two grudgingly become friends, and soon a romance develops. Being that the setting is 1983 and Elio is underage, the two have to meet in secret. They both understand that their time is limited. Besides wonderful acting, the scenery and the actors are beautiful. I really liked this movie. 

The Academy Award nominations will be announced tomorrow!

MK out.

Friday, January 19, 2018

FO Friday - 1/19/2018

I finished the first socks for the year!

Pattern: Pebbles Socks by Knitting Expat Designs
Yarn: The main color is Must Stash Yarn & Fiber Simply Speckled in Beaver's Dam and the contrasting color is their Mondo Mini in a light teal color.
Comments: I love, love, love this yarn! It's so pretty and squishy!!! I think the speckles are amazing. I wanted a subtle pattern, because I'm tired of plain vanilla but I didn't want anything to detract from the beauty of this colorway. Pebbles Socks did right by this yarn.

In other news, I took a little trip last weekend... the balmy climes of Lake Placid, NY...

...during the Arctic Blast.

We flew into Boston and drove there.

We woke up to a blanket of new snow.

Handknit socks were de riguer.

Even in single digits, we walked around.

We watched hockey in a famous place.

I visited Adirondack Yarns, a charming LYS, and bought some yarn.

I know. It's the first month of the new year, and I bought yarn, when my plan was to minimize yarn purchases this year. Oh well.

MK out.