Friday, April 21, 2017

FO Friday - 4/21/2017

I had hoped to have an additional something to show y'all, but I'm still doing a little finish work on it. Hopefully, the two things I have to show will suffice for now.

Pattern:  Plain vanillas with contrasting cuffs, heels and toes; Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Must Stash Yarn & Fiber Ritz Sock in the Dark Side of the Moon color-way and Must Stash Yarn & Fiber Mondo Mini
Comments: I only used half of the 435-yd skein of this lovely yarn to make these socks. I may make another pair! 

I forgot that I never showed the box bags I made. I finished this one before I made the others and realized that I wasn't going to be able to complete all the assignments for Loopy Academy last fall.

Recently, I made two more.

Pattern: I used this tutorial.

Fabric:  Two fabrics from the Riley Blake Fancy Free collection.

That's this week's offerings. I should have one or two things next time.

MK out.

Friday, April 7, 2017

FO Friday - 4/7/2017

Well, here's a couple of things off the needles...

Pattern: I improvised this design.
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock in Christmas Red
Comments: I made these socks for someone who won the prize...the prize being I would make one pair of ladies socks for the highest bidder in a silent auction at church. They are a little big for my sock blockers because they aren't my size.

Pattern: The Lost Diadem by Heidi Nick
Yarn: Nerd String Merino Nylon Fingering in Airy
Comments: I love this pattern, even though it is kind of slow going. I did not use the lace pattern on the back, as you might remember from a previous post. The yarn is a little splitty, but not enough to stand in my way. This project is the bead assignment for Loopy Academy and Loopy Monthly Mixer for March (Knit something that reminds you of where you would like to spend Spring  Break).

There's two more pairs for my #boxosox and a couple of sock KALs around the net.

MK out.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday - 4/5/2017

Y'all, the WIP list just keeps getting longer...

Here are two little adorable things I'd like to finish sooner than later:

I have SEVEN WIPs currently on the needles. I'm chomping at the bit to start a couple more. I'll get them all done eventually, right?

MK out.

Friday, March 31, 2017

FO Friday - March 31, 2017

I have one FO and one almost FO.

Pattern: I used Rainbow Maze for the hat and an improvised recipe for the mittens.
Yarns:  BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Handsome Man and Frabjous Fibers Mad Hatter in Tulgey Wood.
Comments: I made this cute little set for a friend's grand baby. The next time I make the hat, I will use a solid yarn with more contrast to the multi. I did like how the hat came out though.

The almost FO is my Lost Diadem Socks. I wanted to have them finished today for the March entries to several KALs around the net. The pattern is fancy schmancy and I lost a whole week in the month while I was off living my dash; so, I'm not devastated. There's another reason I'm not finished.

Firstly and not related to the reason, I chose not to do the lace pattern on the back of the leg. Instead, I continued the rib pattern of the cuff. 

Do you notice anything? Look at the right side of the sock on the right. Last night, I discovered that I had set up the rib pattern wrong on the back of that sock. 

And I only noticed it when I had knitted the entire leg!

I put them away and went to bed. I grappled with deciding whether or not it's noticeable enough to fix them. Finally, I figured it would bother me for the rest of the life of the socks if I didn't repair them. 

I started where I needed to put a garter column, thinking that it would be the one that would take the most time. If it ended up taking way too long, I was going to go back to stockinette and just deal with the socks being less than perfect.

Before I knew it (it wasn't all that quick, but hey) I was working on the final column.

An hour and four redone columns of 90 or so rows later, I had socks whose backs matched.

Not too bad, huh?

I think I'm going to have a liedown now.

MK out.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Movie Monday - 3/27/2017

The dash has been hopping lately. I've even watched a few movies! Here's two of them:

Kate Winslet stars in the dramedy, The Dressmaker. She plays Tilly, a woman who was sent away from her home as a child. She returns with an agenda. Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth and Hugo Weaving also star. It was goooooood! It's a must see.

Bradley Cooper plays a chef in Burnt. He tries to overcome an incident or two in his past that caused him to lose his job and the respect of his peers. Now, he's on a mission to get back on track and to earn a third Michelin Star. Sienna Miller also stars.  It was cute.

That's all for now.

MK out.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

FO Friday - 3/10/2017

I'm alive. I've been knitting and doing a little sewing.

Pattern:  A Breath of Fresh Air by Debbie O'Neill
Yarn: The Loopy Ewe Seasonings Series in Tickety Boo
Comments: I made this scarf for the February Monthly Mixer. The prompt was to pick a project that incorporates hearts or the color pink, red or burgundy. I bought this yarn as a kit a few years ago. The pattern came with it. I enjoyed making it.

I finally finished the January Fabric Monthly Mixer:

The challenge was to use three colors of batiks. 

I had a bit of leftover border that I made for a previous Camp Loopy project. It may have four colors of batiks, but I'm not counting. I have tons of that Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed linen/cotton blend; so, I slapped that batik piece on it and made a kitchen towel. 

That's the first bit of sewing I've done in a while. My sew-jo has been on vacation lately. I hope it comes back soon.

MK out.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Sunday - The Oscars Edition

The show is tonight. Forgive me for my lack of zeal this year. There's been too much on my mind and my plate. In the last twelve days, I've seen seven movies. There is one more I haven't seen (Elle), but it just opened and I didn't have a chance to go see it. I think I will be able to watch tonight's awards ceremony just fine.

Captain Fantastic - A guy who has been raising his kids in the wilderness starts to question if he has been doing the right thing. Viggo Mortensen plays the dad and he's been nominated for Best Actor. Frank Langella and Kathryn Hahn also star. It was good.

Loving - This film is about the true story of the 1967 Supreme Court decision that struck down the validity of laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Ruth Negga stars as Mildred Loving and has been nominated for Best Actress. Joel Edgarton and Michael Shannon also star. It was good.

Arrival - Amy Adams (I heart her!) stars as a linguistic professor hired to help communicate with the inhabitants of one of twelve spaceships that touched down on Earth. Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker also star. The film has been nominated for Best Picture. I really liked this movie. 

Moonlight - This follows the story of a boy who grows up in a dysfunctional home. Mahershala Ali (nominated for Best Supporting Actor), Naomie Harris (nominated for Best
Supporting Actress) and Janelle Monae star in this film. It was nominated for Best Picture. I really liked this movie.

Nocturnal Animals - Amy Adams (Yes, her again) plays an art gallery owner.  Her ex-husband sends her a manuscript to read and then to discuss at dinner when he comes into town. It's quite the novel.  There are lots of good actors in this one - Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon (nominated for Best Supporting Actor), Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Laura Linney and Micheal Sheen. It was intense. 

Hacksaw Ridge - This film is based on the true story of  Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector, who served as a medic in WWII. In the Battle of Okinawa, he singlehandedly saved the lives of most of his regiment who had been left for dead when the company had to retreat. Andrew Garfield (nominated for Best Actor), Rachel Griffiths and Vince Vaughn star in this film. It is really graphic and serves to remind us all that war is bad. The film has been nominated for Best Picture.

Jackie - Natalie Portman has been nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy in the hours and days following the assassination of JFK. Peter Saarsgard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and John Hurt also star in this film. It was good.

My feeling is that Best Picture is between La La Land and Moonlight. I like Meryl Streep for Best  Actress. Casey Affleck is my pick for Best Actor. Viola Davis is my pick for Best Supporting Actress and I like Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor.

MK out.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Movie Monday - 2/13/2017

In the last week, I was able to watch three Oscar nominated films.

In Hidden Figures, based on a non-fiction book by the same name, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae play mathematicians integral to the early US space program. We haven't heard about them before now, probably because they were African American and women. The action centers around John Glenn's mission that made him the first US astronaut to orbit the Earth. Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons also star. The acting was superb. I really liked it.

Lion is also based on a book called A Long Way Home. It's the true story of Saroo, a 5-year-old boy, who fell asleep on a train that took him almost 1000 miles away from his home village in India. He spent some time surviving on the streets until authorities placed him in a state orphanage. Ultimately, an agency places him with an Australian couple who adopt him. When he gets older, he searches for his birth mother. Dev Patel plays the adult Saroo, amd Sunny Pawar, who played the 5-year-old is a real charmer. Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman and David Wenham also star. It was very good.

I thought Fences had the feel of a stage play. There were only a handful of actors, limited sets and it was mostly dialogue driven. I did a little research and discovered that the film is adapted from an award-winning play of the same name. Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) is a refuse collector. He has a great sense of duty to provide for his family, but he is no angel. Rose (Viola Davis) is his long suffering wife. Troy's choices and prejudices impact his marriage and his relationships with his two boys. It was alright.

Three more down, a gajillion more to go...

MK out.

Friday, February 10, 2017

FO Friday - 2/10/2017

The February Socks are done!!!

Pattern: Mrs. Weasley's Family Socks by A Homespun House
Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in ST-2
Comments: OMG! Y'all! I just love knitting with STR. It's so round and squishy! The pattern was easy and fun. And I'm so excited that I finished these socks already. I've got another pair for my boxosoxkal, and they count for several other KALs.  

So, what's next for the Merry Karma? Well, there's still the two other projects in the rotation and a strong desire to cast on another pair of socks, as well as a Loopy Academy project. I've got all the yarn I need to make all three projects.


MK out.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Movie Monday - 2/6/2017

I still need to get my booty out to the movie houses. The Oscars are looming!!!

This past week, I watched Hell or High Water on DVD. It's about two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) who start robbing banks to raise money to save the family ranch from foreclosure. Jeff Bridges plays the lawman after them. He's been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and the film was nominated for Best Picture. I thought both were weak nominations, but what do I know? It was good, but...

Cafe Society is a cute Woody Allen film about a guy from New York (Jesse Eisenberg) who heads out to California hoping that his bigwig talent agent uncle (Steve Carell) can hook him up with a job. Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Parker Posey also star in this movie. There's romance, there's comedy, there's heartache...I really liked it.

MK out.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Show Off Saturday - 2/4/2017

Today seems like a good day to show a couple of recently finished projects.

Pattern: Find Your Fade Shawl by Andrea Mowry
Yarn:  Verdant Gryphon Bugga! in Devil's Flower Mantis, Love Bug Jr., Purple Sea Urchin and Peacock Butterfly.
Comments: This pattern has taken the knitting world by storm. One can use a few colors or many colors. I liked how the VG Valentine's Bon Bons from 2012 played together in a gradient-like manner and since I am ever in a cold sheeping state, I thought they'd make a lovely Fade. There are so many beautiful Fades out there, but I have to say that I really liked mine. I think it's exactly as I pictured it.

And although I purposely made mine a little smaller, it's plenty big.

Pattern:  Welted Cowl by Jane Richmond
Yarn:  Belfast Mini-Mills Ltd. Merino/Quiviut in Natural
Comment: I've been looking for the perfect project for this lovely blend of merino and quiviut. When the Grocery Girls announced a KAL called the BFF KAL, I jumped right in. The link may not work for you if you don't have a Ravelry account. Anyway, I loved knitting with this yarn. It's so soft! 

Y'all have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

MK out.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Welcome to My Cray Cray

It's a new month, and with it comes new challenges. Loopy Academy was announced yesterday and a new Monthly Mixer was announced Tuesday. A new month also means a new sock. I ordered yarn for the Loopy Academy projects and decided I would not continue the fabric portion because I've got too much on my plate. 

The sock and the monthly mixer have been started. I finished my Find Your Fade Tuesday. It's currently blocking.

In case you haven't been able to keep up, all these words mean that I have eight WIPs. 



I started the year with five, but all that shiny yarn in the vault just keeps mocking me.

I'm ok with starting new projects - I mean, it's a fact of my life - but I'm going back to concentrating on three projects at a time and one of them has to be one of the WIPs that brought in the new year with me.

Here's the current rotation sitting all together in their project bags.

Yes, there are five bags - because one project is about to be an FO - and I'm not really sure why that other one jumped in the chair, but whatever.

I thought I would show you the new mixer project.

It's going to be a scarf. The black yarn is for the lace edging that will be knitted and applied after the main body of the scarf is complete.

And here are the socks.

I pulled a skein out of the precious vault. It's Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in ST-2 that I picked up at the first Sock Summit in 2009. I'm making Mrs. Weasley's Family Socks for the #boxosocks KAL and the Harry Potter KAL on the Inside Number 23 podcast, plus a few other KALs for which they apply. The pattern is subtle, and maybe too subtle for this yarn, but that's okay.

And here's a sneak peak:

I hope it's dry enough tomorrow for FO Friday.

MK out.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Movie Monday - 1/30/2017

The Oscar nominations were announced recently, and I've only seen two movies Y'all. I'm so sad. I need to get my act together!

I've have seen a couple of  (non-nominated) movies in the last week. 

The Lobster is a weird - yes, I said it - WEIRD movie about a dystopian society that demands single people find their lifetime mates in 45 days or they are turned into animals. Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell and John C. Reilly star in this film written by two Greek dudes. Seriously? Meh.

Rebecca Hall plays a widow trying to write a biography about her dead, folk singer husband in Tumbledown. A college professor (Jason Sudeikis) comes into town wanting to interview her, as he is writing his own biography of the deceased man. Blythe Danner, Richard Masur and Joseph Manganiello also star in this rom-com that was a little short on the com(edy). It was alright.

That's all I got.

MK out.

Friday, January 27, 2017

FO Friday - 1/27/2017


I finished something.

Pattern: Hermione's Everyday Mitts by Erica Lueder
Yarn: Shibui Maai in Fjord
Comments: I've always loved making Hermione's Everyday Socks. It's a meditative pattern. When I came across this mitts pattern, I just had to make it! 

I am participating in the year-long Harry Potter KAL being hosted by Katie of the Inside Number 23 podcast. You know I will be making another pair of the socks as well as the Dragon Pox Beanie, which uses the same stitch pattern.

MK out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I was cruising along on my Find Your Fade shawl. Last Thursday, I was using the third color and into the sixth section.

Soon after the picture was taken, I noticed a dropped stitch in the first couple of rows of the lace section. I frogged back and put the project aside to cool off for a bit.

Through the weekend, I picked it up here and there and did a few rows.

Last night, as I was finishing the last row in the lace section and I noticed a dropped stitch.

Son of a Beach!!!

I really don't have the heart to rip back all that work. I think I will put the shawl aside for a while and think about what I want to do.

Suggestions welcome.

MK out.

Friday, January 20, 2017

FO Friday - 1/20/2017

I finished some things!

Pattern: Seaside Blanket
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted Heathers and Solids in a nice gray.
Comments: This afghan is a gift. The occasion has passed. Several months ago, I was three-fourths finished with this project, but noticed a glaring mistake about a quarter of the way in. 


So, it went into time out until around Christmas time, when I decided it was time to finish it.

Pattern: Self-Striping Socks with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn:  String Theory Colorworks Continuum Self Striping in Kinectic Energy and Safronie Fish Tales Gradient Mini Skein in Christmas Red.
Comments:  I had hoped to make these socks in December for my Christmas socks, but there were too many other things that needed to be done. So, since part of the Twelve Days of Christmas are in January, these became my first pair of socks for my Box of Sox 2017. I loved working with this yarn.

MK out.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Start Something Sunday - 1/15/2017

There's illness at Chez Merry Karma. The Husb and I are both being treated for respiratory infections, but there's also a case of startitis going around.

I have completed 2 projects in the last week, but there wasn't an FO Friday post because the weather has been kooky, the lighting has been bad and of course, illness. Then, of course, startitis reared its ugly head and got a hold of me in my moment of weakness.

I've started a pair of Hermione's Everyday Mitts

and I've found my fade (Find Your Fade is a new pattern taking Ravelry by storm).

I hope y'all are staying well.

MK out.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Movie Monday - 1/9/2017

Going to the theater to watch a movie has been a hit or miss proposition for a while now, BUT in the last week, I've been four times!!!

As soon as the credits were rolling after the screening of La La Land, I turned to The Husb and declared, "This movie is going to win the Best Picture Oscar." Well, it has my vote, at least, but apparently The Golden Globes feel the same way that I do. I liked it because it's a fresh take on the musicals of yesteryear. It's nothing like anything else Hollywood is churning out these days, and for the most part, that's a good thing. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star as a musician and an actress, each trying to make it big in their respective fields. Loved it!

The weather plays an important role in Manchester by the Sea, acting as a sort of Greek chorus. This movie is as heavy as La La Land is bright and airy. Casey Affleck plays Lee Chandler, an unassuming maintenance man, who is named guardian of his nephew (Lucas Hedges) when his older brother (Kyle Chandler) dies suddenly. He returns to his hometown where he must confront his past, including his ex-wife (Michelle Williams). Gretchen Moll and Matthew Boderick also star in this film. It was beautifully shot and well acted. It was very good. Take Kleenex.

Rogue One isn't the best Star Wars movie I've seen, but it certainly isn't the worst. The die-hard fans of the brand love it, I'm sure, but for me, it just served to add a little context to the big picture. Felicity Jones, Diego Luna and Forest Whitaker are among the actors in this movie. It was alright.

Imagine being one of the over 5000 people on a spaceship bound for a new world that's 120 years away from home.  Everyone is in suspended animation for the journey, but after an incident with an asteroid, your pod malfunctions and you awaken with 90 years remaining until the destination is reached. It's not long (relatively speaking) before you determine that the lives of everyone on board are threatened. This story plays out in Passengers. Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen and Lawrence Fishburn star in this film. It was pretty good.

That's all for now.

MK out.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Start Something Sunday - 1/1/2017

Wow! That's the first time I wrote 2017 this year!

I couldn't pass up the chance to start something on the first Sunday of the new year.

It's my first pair of socks for the year, in my quest to knit a pair a month.

Happy New Year!!!

MK out.