Sunday, June 28, 2015

(Re)Start Something Sunday - 6/28/2015

The Penny Candy Tee was originally going to be my striped project for Loopy Academy this spring, but I just wasn't feeling it; so, I put the sweater aside and did that stripey scarf instead. 

Since April when it was put in time out, it's been sitting in the back of my head taunting me.  I pulled it out of the closet after lunch and restarted it. Plus, I did a little gauge swatching with the striped part.

I'm so glad I didn't rip out that I-cord cast on...just sayin.'

MK out.

Friday, June 26, 2015

FO Friday - 6/26/2015

Camp Loopy yarn project one is done! OK - y'all already knew that...

Pattern: Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander.
Yarn:  Baah! La Jolla in Flamingo Pink.
Thoughts: The yarn is very nice. I try to use yarn I've never used before in these TLE (The Loopy Ewe) challenges and I will likely use this one again. I really liked the pattern too.

Now to finish quilting my Camp Loopy fabric project...

MK out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wdnesday - 6/24/2015

I finished the Camp Loopy yarn project. It is all blocked, has been photographed and has been uploaded to The Loopy Ewe website. No peeking until Friday for you...

The fabric project is still in progress:

After the border is all attached, I'll figure out how to quilt this thing.

I am also working on donations for the artisans booth, although I have a little time until November. 

I needed a little instant gratification and these projects are fitting the bill.

MK out.

Friday, June 19, 2015

FO Friday - 6/19/2015

I finished my Camp Loopy June Yarn Project!!!

I thought I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish.

I did have some leftover sock yarn that was a close enough match to finish the bind off if I needed it, but was very happy that I didn't.

The scarf is currently taking a bath, after which I will block it and take better pictures.  Check back!

MK out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP Wednesday - 6/17/2015

I've had company; so, not much knitting. I just sat down after a long day and I have a few minutes to assess the Camp Loopy situation.

I've got four rows and the bind off left and I'm playing yarn chicken.

Hope I win.

MK out.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Start Something Sunday - 6/7/2015

We were very fortunate to be given tickets to the NCAA baseball tournament super regional game between Texas A&M and TCU today. 

I was one of the few wearing a maroon top in a sea of purple, but I was more than okay with it. A pitchers duel yielded a scoreless game until the bottom of the sixth when A&M scored. TCU tied it up in the ninth, but a sac fly in the bottom of the 10th gave A&M the win!

I knew it was going to be a hot and sticky day at the ballpark and none of my current WIPs seemed appropriate for a baseball watching kind of afternoon.  Y'all should know what that means by now...

I started a new project! It's going to be a baby hat to donate to the Greek Festival artisan booth (and it will be given a bath in some wool wash just as soon as it's finished). Yay!

MK out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday - 6/3/2015

I worked a lot on my Camp Loopy Project yesterday. Here's what it looked like this morning:

I haven't been able to touch it today. I've been washing and cleaning. (I do have to do that every once in a while...) I did manage to sneak into the studio and cut out triangles for my Camp Loopy fabric project, but I didn't get a picture while the light was good.

Lest you think otherwise, I also managed to do a teeny, tiny bit of knitting today:

Our church hosts a Greek Festival every fall. This year, they decided to have an artisans booth and have appealed to the members of the community for donations of handcrafted items. I figured if I started now, I could have a few items to donate by the fall. So...I started with these booties.

That's me...what about you?

MK out.