Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 5/24/2011

Carole's topic this week is Ten Favorite Mail Order Catalogues

Back in the day, when I was a bachelorette and then young married person, I ordered consistently from the following:
1. Chadwick's
2. Isabella Bird
3. Knights Ltd.
4. Lillian Vernon
5. The Speigel Catalogue

The UPS man actually asked me once why I would order all that stuff, just to send it back.  (The nerve...)  Didn't he know that if something didn't fit, a person shouldn't keep it?  And that extra step of waiting when having to send something back and having a different size sent is the main reason I don't shop for clothes through the mail much anymore...

These days, although I don't really shop for clothes much through mail order, I  like these catalogues to see what's in the stores and if it is worth it to go:
6.  Chico's
7.  Coldwater Creek

Finally, even though I have several wonderful LYSs fairly close, and the world wide web is endless, I love to receive these catalogues to hold in my hand, turn the pages, and add things to my wishlist:
8.  Knitpicks
9.  Patternworks
10.  WEBS

That's it...that's the list!

MK out.

(Note:  Picture is totally unrelated to subject matter...just so you know.)


katmcdknits said...

The nerve of that UPS guy. I hope he moved on to another job. We are two peas in a pod. I love chico's and chadwicks, but mostly to look at the catalogs. I, too, pour over the knitting catalogs just because. Love that knitting stuff!

Nichole said...

I tried to limit my yarn shop to just one... lol! Happy TOT!

kathy b said...

I agreee. THe UPS guy wouldn t have a job if it were'nt for returns and purchases. I will go to Chico.s.. I had forgotten about them. Came to you from Carols blog of course.

kathy b said...

Your decrapification column is wonderful!!!

I threw out 9 magazines this weekend. WHat was I keeping the old old Knitting issues for? I had to save a few patterns and cut them out, but the rest are history. I can find them online anytime. They took up precious space.

Merry Karma said...

@ katmcd - knitting stuff rules!
@ Nichole - you can't stop with just one.
@ kathy b - don't let the stuff over take you!