Friday, October 12, 2012

FO Friday - 10/12/2012

Bear with me big test is next Thursday, and then I can get back to living la vida loca and documenting some of it here...

Today is a super day!  It is FO Friday...

AND is I Love Yarn Day!!! 

Go to The Loopy Ewe and order something today and Sheri will send you a bottle of Wollmeise Wool Wash to celebrate.  Now, that's a pretty good deal. 

Speaking of TLE...I participated in Camp Loopy this summer and completed projects in all three sessions, on time and everything.  That entitled me to a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere.  I chose the Sleeping Under the Stars colorway.

Isn't it dreamy?

In other news, I finished my September 2012 socks!!! 

I used my beloved size 2.0mm needles and some lovely Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red.  The pattern is Pillars by Lisa Stichweh.

I just love them!

The April, August and October ones are still OTN, but coming along people...(That test...remember?)  Really, I have been working on the others, and there is still time to finish at least two of them by the end of the month.


Did I tell y'all that the Yarn Harlot came to Madtosh Crafts last month?!?

Yep, she was there and so was I. 

MK out.

Friday, October 5, 2012

FO Friday - 10/05/2012

It's Friday and I have an FO to share!

I finished this cowl on the way to Nova Scotia, but silly me, I didn't take a picture before I gave it to the recipient:

And - I spent six days with the recipient and I didn't take a picture despite the proximity of said cowl with said recipient.  (Doh!)

I used the Spiral Cowl pattern and yummy Pura Mongolian Cashmere DK by Pura Bella Yarns.  It was a truly wonderful tactile experience and an overall enjoyable knit.

MK out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 10/3/2012

It's the first Wednesday of the month...It's time to show what's currently OTN!

There are two pair of socks that are currently on the front burner - First, I present the October 2012 socks - Autumn Harvest in Monster Mash on Wullenstudio Superwash Sock Yarn.  It is the yarn I won for one of the Sock Knitter's Anonymous challenges back in June. 

The socks are a twofer - I am entering them in one of October's SKA challenges - seasonal pattern AND they are my official Socktober socks.

Next, I still have Pillars OTN in Ravelry Red on Malabrigo Sock Yarn. 

They are my September SKA challenge entry and should be finished before the end of this month to qualify. 

I have two pair of socks on the relative back burner - I am still working on the Tara socks from April. 

A lot of concentration is needed to sit down and work on these socks, and I seem to be in short supply these days.  They will get done eventually.  I promise.

Finally, I have given up waiting to finish Tara in order to use those needles (2.25mm) for the August 2012 socks. 

I bit the bullet and am making them on 2.5mm.  I prefer 2.0mm needles for my socks - and the first two are being made on 2.0s - but I figured I could get these done faster.  You may think that there is not much difference between 2.0mm and 2.5mm, but in the sock knitting world, there really is.

My goal is to finish all four pair this month.

MK out.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knitting on the Wild Side...

So, I got to go to a knitting retreat with Lucy Neatby and a few other folks.  The setting was a little island off the coast of Nova Scotia called Big Tancook Island.  The big is relative, and is used to differentiate it from Little Tancook Island.

The Husb and I drove there, making a couple of important stops along the way...


We went to WEBS...and I didn't buy yarn!!!  

I know, right?


We took the factory tour at Ben & Jerry's...and we got to taste the flavor that they were packaging up that day.  Yum!

We watched the marine layer roll in at Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor....

....and watched the action at Thunder Hole.  It was pretty impressive.


Finally, the husb dropped me off and I boarded a ferry to Big Tancook with a group of eager knitters.


We were treated to a nice mixer and dinner the night before classes started. 


Lucy brought Fiona over for a visit.


The cottage where I stayed had a great view.


There was no shortage of food...


 ...or drink.


In fact, it seems that we were always eating.


Like - all the time!


There was a girly fort...


...complete with chandelier.


We even became honorary Tancookers.


We really did have classes and we learned quite a bit. Lucy is a wonderful teacher, and if you ever have the chance to take a class from her - do it!!!  

The retreat was more than knitting though and I have many great memories that I will always cherish.

MK out.