Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Monday - 5/30/2011

...and it's Memorial Day.  Hope yours is going well.

Katie Jarvis' real life is not too different from Mia's, the girl she plays in Fish Tank.  Michael Fassbender and Kierston Wareing also star in this film about a rebellious teenager who goes up against her mother for the affections of a man.  It was an interesting study of life in the British projects.  It was alright.

I've been hearing about the book, Water for Elephants, for several years.  I don't know why, but the title wasn't very appealing to me.  Since time is a premium resource, I skipped over it until recently.  When it was announced that the film was coming out, I knew I would have to read the book.  I finally did earlier this month.  It is a good story, about a vet student who finds out that his parents are killed in a car accident, is left with nothing, and decides to leave all he has known to to find some sort of job.  He ends up on a circus train, falls in love with a married woman and starts tending to the animals.  The film is an adequate adaptation of the novel.  I liked it.

I've watched Season 1 of The United States of Tara - Showtime's look at life with a family member with Dissociative Identity Disorder - formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  It is quite entertaining, if I do say so myself.

Don't eat too many hot dogs...

MK out.

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