Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 5/31/2011 - Salad Mix

This week, Carole asks what us to tell Ten Things to Put in a Salad.  I lurve me a good salad.  I especially like Greek salads, being Greek and all...

I will eat all kinds of other salads though, but here are my usual Ten Things to Put in a Salad:
1. Lettuce - Iceberg is best for Greek salads, but spring mix will work.
2. Tomatoes - I sure like homegrown tomatoes, but they are not always available...especially if one doesn't plant any...
3. Cucumbers - In my salad, they should be chunky cut.
4. Onions - I like the red ones the best.
5. Celery - Can't have too much crunch, as far as I am concerned.
6. Feta cheese - Love the stuff...
7. Kalamata olives - I prefer the pitted ones, but the ones with pits will do.
8. Olive oil  - It does not have to be EVOO.
9. Vinegar - anything from plain white to red wine vinegar to balsamic...
10. Salt and pepper.

There you have it.

MK out.

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Knitrageous said...

Yummo!! One of the funniest things ever was when my youngest son called wanting the recipe to the salad I made. It was usually just lettuce, dried cranberries and almonds or whatever nuts I had on hand. He wanted to make it for a party! ha ha