Monday, May 9, 2011

Movie Monday - 5/9/2011...and more

I cannot lie - the last two weeks at Chez Merry Karma have been really tough, and movie watching was not a priority. I watched a movie earlier today to have something about which to write:

Taking Woodstock is about how Elliot Tiber (played by Demetri Martin) saved his family's hotel in the Catskills by helping one of the greatest events in American culture take place.  Imelda Staunton, Eugene Levy, Emile Hirsch, Paul Dano, Liev Schreiber and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also star in this entertaining film that captured the times.  I wish the music from the concert was featured more prominently, but this story was not about concert, but a little about how it came to be.  It was good.

Movie Monday should start getting back to normal now...

And then there's the Dallas Mavericks...

Last night, they beat the Los Angeles Lakers 122 to 86, sweeping them in the series and advancing to the Western Conference Finals.  They will play the winner of the Memphis Grizzlies v. Oklahoma City Thunder match up.  Much has been written and said about how it came that the Mavericks won the first and third games in the series - specifically that it was because the Lakers collapsed, not that the Mavericks played well enough to win.  In the first three games, the teams were close in points.  The Mavs won by 2, 12 and 6 points, respectively.  Last night, the Mavs led the Lakers 63-39 at the half - That's a 24 point lead, people, and they ended up winning by 36 points.

The Mavericks made a record-tying twenty 3-point shots during the game, with Jason Terry and Peja Stojacovic making fifteen of them.

The Mavericks bench scored 86 points last night - the exact number of total points that the Lakers scored.  Every Mavs player contributed to the point total. For the Lakers, Kobe Bryant scored thirteen points in the first quarter with a total of seventeen points for the game.


MK out.

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