Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 7/4/2012

Here it is...the Fourth of July!  What better time to do a little knitting?

In the last week or so; I battled a little case of startitis - and the startitis won!

First, let me show you My Affected Shawl. 

I am knitting it for Camp Loopy - the second challenge.  One has to take one of the colors of his or her national flag and use it in the project...and the project must use at least 800 yards of yarn.  I chose white, and got Loopy Ewe approval to use Putty (the lighter color pictured) to represent it in my shawl.  I am ready to add the third and final color.

So far, I am really enjoying knitting this shawl...but I think it will get really tedious at the very end when the rows are l.o.n.g.  The deadline is July 27.

Next, I have worked a little on the June 2012 Socks.  I am using a pattern called Maylin.  I have one more pattern repeat until I start the heel.  This project must be finished by July 31 to qualify for one of the Sock Knitters Anonymous June challenges - under appreciated patterns. 

I really like this pattern...I don't think the yarn I am using is the right one - as it camouflages the stitches, but I am committed and not turning back...

I started my July 2012 Socks:

As you can see, they hit a snag and derailed.  One of the SKA July challenges is color work.  I've done a host of colorful socks in my day, but these are the first pair for which I am using the fair isle technique.  It is tricky.  The hand positions while changing between the colors is a technique all its own - using one color per hand.  Color work tends to play havoc on the gauge too - which is the reason I've frogged the inch or so I had done since July 1.  Back to the drawing least the deadline for these socks isn't until August 30.  The pattern is Zirkel, by the way.  I am using Madelinetosh leftovers.

I cast on for another Christmas stocking for some friends:

They had a baby in February and I have made them three stockings already...I just need to complete the set.  I have self-imposed a July 30 deadline, because I would like to get this project done and gifted.  That is supposed to be purple, but I cannot photograph it well...

I also decided to go ahead and start the May 2012 Socks...and I did - on June 25th. 

They haven't progressed much since then...I am planning on a plain vanilla sock with a ribbed top of the cuff.

Finally - the April 2012 Socks continue to be sadly ignored:

That's my list.  I have challenged myself not to start anymore projects - even though I have a list of things that I am itching to start right now - until I've finished at least two of the above.

We shall see...

Happy Fourth!!!

MK out.


Always Alice said...

That challenge is a sad one....after all .....what's 'just one more'????

always alice

Knitphomaniac said...

I agree with are far from catching up with me as far as number of projects does that mean I am winning? hee, hee...

Gynx said...

I have been wanting to do some colorwork socks. I can't wait to see how yours turn out.