Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 7/17/2012 - It's the Little Things...

This week, Carole asks us to list Ten Everyday Things That Make (You) Us Happy.  Here are mine:

1.  Knitting - I knit at least a few rows everyday.
2.  Listening to classical music - I have a light classical channel on my tee vee.  I put it on in the morning after The Husb leaves for work.  It may or may not be on all day...but I do like to listen while cooking.
3.  Burning my Yankee Candles - Fresh Cut Roses is my current favorite.

4.  Drinking water - I love drinking cold water with lots of ice cubes on a summer day.
5.  Spying one of the cardinals that live in my bushes - The males are such a vibrant red!

6.  Walking outside - I try to take a power walk on most days of the week.  Some weeks, I am more successful than others...Spying one of the wild, neighborhood bunnies while on my walk is a treat too!

7.  Laughing - Some days, the laughs are harder to come by, but most every day, I can at least smile about something...
8.  Connecting with friends - Either in person, on the phone or through online bulletin boards/Yahoo lists, I like "talking" with my friends.
9.  Waking early before anyone else is up and spending a little while by myself - 'nuff said!
10. Taking bubble baths - Burning a nice smelling candle and luxuriating in a bubble bath is truly a simple pleasure!

MK out.


Donna said...

Great list. I forgot about candles. I burn them almost every day. And amen for being up before anybody else in the house!

Nichole said...

Great list!

Beth said...

That's great that you like drinking water. I have to force myself to drink it and usually forget.

Honoré said...

Those early AM walks are great...and getting a chance to see bunnies and pretty cardinals are the icing. Quiet time for and with oneself just can't be beat!


Merry Karma said...

Thanks for the comments Ladies!