Friday, July 20, 2012

FO Friday - 7/20/2012

I am still knitting away on the Color Affection shawl - only two rows and the bind off to go.  It will still need a little finish work - ends have to be woven in and it will need a little block...

If I get it done before it gets to dark tonight, I may come back with a picture.  No promises though.  If not, next Friday will be the day of the unveiling.

There are socks to show, though:

I used a nice sport-weight yarn I bought when visiting the Lonesome Stone Alpacas farm in Granbury, Colorado a few years ago.  One of the  Sock Knitters Anonymous challenges for June was to knit an underappreciated pattern (defined as a pattern from which less than 15 projects had been made).  I found Maylin - with only five projects to its credit.  I had to do a little math and needle downsizing to get gauge, but it wasn't a big ordeal.  I really enjoyed knitting the pattern.  Of course, one wouldn't guess that, seeing as it took a month and a half for me to complete the socks...but I was also working on my TLE Second Quarter Challenge cardi, my Mad May Lazy Girl Scarf and Camp Loopy Project 1.  Oh...and we can't forget that I do lead a real life of sorts...

MK out.

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