Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 7/25/2012

It's that time of the week...where I hold myself accountable for making progress on my knitting projects:

I finished the Color Affection shawl last Friday night.  It took a little bath and lie down on Saturday and I took a picture of it yesterday...but...I won't show the picture until Friday, because I have to have something for FO Friday...and it might be the only thing.


The stocking is almost finished:

I've completed the heel and am racing towards the toe.  The knitting should be finished by Friday for a glamour shot, but then, it will go to the embroidery shop for the name to be put on it.  I don't know when the final, finished FO picture will be available.  I will show y'all the finished-the-knitting FO picture though....don't worry.

The July socks are coming along:

I am knitting them inside out, as the one on the left depicts.  It makes the floats the right length; so, the stitches aren't too tight and the socks don't pucker.  I learned that trick from my friends on the Sock Knitters Anonymous group.  They are a knowledgeable bunch, for sure!

Now, if I could just actually sit down and knit on them some more, they'd get finished faster.

I do have two more socks OTN - the April and the May socks, but I am going to try and finish them in August.  I may have told you that...I don't remember.  Plus, I am going to have the August socks going, as well as Camp Loopy Project 3 and a super, secret project too. 

Hmmm.  I think I have over committed myself again.

MK out.

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