Friday, July 13, 2012

Not FO Friday - 7/13/2012

I don't have anything finished to show you today...but I do have some random things to talk about...and eye candy is included.

I went to the Ice Cream Social at Madtosh on Saturday.  Curly's Custard provided the treats:

People were sitting and knitting, spinning and talking.  There was buying going on too:

I bought a That Semiferro Grrl project bag, because - you know - I don't have enough bags.   I like the happy print...It's called Birds of a Feather.  I really like Amy's bags...the craftmanship is very nice.

I also bought a skein of Tosh Merino Light in Clementine.  It is such a bright and happy colorway that I couldn't resist:

And I do have something in mind for it.

In other news, Camp Loopy Project 3 was announced the other today.  The challenge states that the project should:
1. contain two or more colors (because the Olympics are about working together in harmony, right?) plus,
2. must be at least 500 yds. single knit (not 250 yards doubled), plus,
3. be a pattern that you have not done before.

Camp Week also started the other day - where we get 20% off the yarn that we use for our project.  I also had a credit to use (because it was burning a hole in my pocket).  So, I had to get busy and decide what to make and choose some yarn or it would be seriously picked over if I waited too long!

I am going to make Derecho.  Tosh Merino Light was my first choice, but there wasn't any Antler or Tart on that base, and I knew I wanted to use those two colors.  I chose Tosh Sock instead, because not only was there Anter

 and Tart

but there was Iris too!

I'm a happy camper...pun intended.

MK out.


Gynx said...

You ended up not getting the other bag? When I left, you were dead set on getting two of them. I love the owl one, though!

Knitrageous said...

I love the bag...partial to owls here! And Clementine...WOW! That's my kind of variegated! Lucky girl that you get to go to Madeline's so often.

Ruby said...

I am wondering what you have in mind for the Clementine?