Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie Monday - 7/23/2012

It's been ages since I've talked about movies...but it's been ages since I've seen any.

Conviction, starring Hillary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver, Juliette Lewis and Melissa Leo (to name a few), is based on the true story of how Betty Anne Waters (Swank) did everything she could to prove that her brother (Rockwell) did not commit a murder.  She went back to school - from earning her high school diploma to becoming an attorney - and to this day continues to work for prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted.  It was good.

Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci and Demi Moore star in Margin Call - about the night before Wall Street took a dive.  The employees of a big investment firm get nervous because there are big layoffs.  What they don't know until that night, however, is just how bad the situation is and that their profits and perks are all based on a house of cards.  They throw their clients under the bus as they scramble around to come out okay.  That level of greed is just sickening.  It was a good movie though.

Kathy Bates narrates The Cutting Edge:  The Magic of Movie Editing.  Several directors and film editors give a glimpse of what is entailed in taking myriads of strips/frames of film and making them into the movies that we all enjoy.  It was interesting.

MK out.

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