Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 9/06/2011 Ready, Set, Knit!

Ten Things I Want to Knit This Fall/Winter:
1.   Doppleganger socks
2.   An Ishbel shawl
3.   A baby afghan for a special little one...pattern not yet determined.
4.   Impressionisme socks
5.   Pillars socks
6.   A Flourish shawl
7.   A Baby Surprise Jacket - because I haven't ever made one yet.
8.   A Shoulder Shawl
9.   An Equinox Top
10.  A Citron shawl

As you can see from this list, the season does not really inspire the item I want to knit.  You may have been expecting hats, mitts, scarves and sweaters...but no.  I listen to my stash - it tells me what I want to make next.  Of course, lists are subject to change...

If you want to participate in this week's ToT, go here.

MK out.


Lorette said...

That's a great list! I've never done a Baby Surprise jacket either, you and I are probably the only 2 knitters in the world who haven't.

dianne said...

I've never done a Baby Surprise jacket either! There will be 2 new babies joining my family this winter, so maybe it's time for me to nit one too :-)

MargoLynn said...

Now you are inspiring me!

A baby blanket I just made that received MANY rave reviews is from Bernat and similar to the 10-stitch blanket. Everybody who saw it thought it was MUCH more complex than it really is - I found the long garter stitch lines perfect for game-watching knitting.

Anonymous said...

I need to finish my citron shawl. I think I have more things to finish before I can begin knitting. Nice list.

Mary said...

Oh my word, that yarn is gorgeous. Make sure you post pics as you get stuff done so I can be jealous and a little ashamed that I haven't finished anything.