Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Monday - 9/05/2011

Not much movie watching this past week:

Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Ian McShane and Geoffrey Rush star in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Captain Jack Sparrow is forced to find the Fountain of Youth after being hoodwinked onto Blackbeard's ship.  It was not the best effort of this series.

They remade 1984's The Karate Kid, but this time, Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan star as the pupil and teacher.  Dre Parker and his mom move to China from Detroit.  He is harassed by the class bully, who happens to be very good in kung fu.  The maintenance man comes to his rescue by teaching him the secret to succeeding in the martial arts.  It was cute. 

The 400 Blows is an old black-n-white (subtitled) French movie from 1959. It is thought to be one of the founding films of the French New Wave. It is said to be based on the director's early life.  In it, Antoine is a young teenager who is misunderstood and typecast by his teacher and fairly ignored by this parents.  He spends most of the movie either skipping school or running away from home.  He resorts to petty crime. At their wits end, his parents turn him over to law enforcement.  He ends up in a juvenile detention facility, and ultimately runs away from there. I liked it.

There was some baseball watching.  Notice where our group sat:

In June (the birth month of The Husb), a trip to Boston to watch the Rangers play the Sox in Fenway Park was arranged.  It was supposed to be part of an RV trip that would have included stops in Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Unfortunately, situations at home prevented an extended amount of time away; so, we flew to Boston just for the games.

The Rangers won Friday night, 11-0.

On Saturday morning, we had a little tour of Fenway.  We went inside the Green Monsta':

The group spent a little time with Michael Young:

We watched a little batting practice:

We were acknowleged on the Jumbotron:

Unfortunately, the Rangers lost that game, 7-11.

They did come back and win on Sunday, 11-4.  We watched that game at the airport...our flight was a little delayed.

MK out.

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