Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Monday - 4/11/2011

It is a beautiful morning...I am about to go outside and survey the damage to my precious flowers after the hail storm we had last night.

I really wanted to write a Fiber Fest post each night after returning from the event, but dang!  I was so tired!  And I wasn't on the board this year....I had no duties other than to be there.  Anyway, stay tuned later this week.  I am planning one big post about the whole thing.

I am still tired this morning, since there was that loud hail storm around 1230.  I also received two phone calls last night - one at 0230 to inform me that the landline 911 system is out of order, but I could still use my cell phone - and another at 0530 to inform me that the system is once again operational.  (Aaauurrgggh!)

So, onto movies:

Have you seen the trailer for Barney's Version?  In it, it appears that Barney, played by Paul Giamatti, is a fickle sort of person.  He meets a woman who is a guest at his wedding, and decides that she is the love of his life and wants to pursue her.  It appears madcap and possibly slapstick....but, the actual movie has a heavier story.  Minnie Driver, Dustin Hoffman and Rosamund Pike also star in this dramedy.  It was good.

You must see Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.  It's a science fiction thriller about a top-secret government tool that the government is developing.  Gyllenhaal plays an Army Captain who is somehow inserted into the body of a passenger who dies in a train explosion in the attempt to help the officials find the bomber and prevent future attacks.  I won't go into the rationale of the way it all works, but I will say that even though I figured out who the bomber was early on in the movie, it did not spoil any of the experience for me.  It was really, really, really entertaining in a most satisfying way.  I highly recommend this movie.

Finally, I watched The Other Guys on DVD this past week.  Will Ferrel and Mark Walburg star in this slapstick comedy about two incompetent police officers who buddy up to solve the crime.  Anne Heche also stars, and there are appearances from Derek Jeter, Brooke Shields and Rosie Perez playing themselves.  It was alright.

Until next time...

MK out.

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