Friday, April 22, 2011

FO Friday - 4/22/2011

I did not intend to stage a blog silence...It just happened that way.  Lots of things happening at Chez Merry Karma these days.

Still no new FOs to show.  I did dig up a couple of old ones that I had not yet posted on my Ravelry projects page.  I keep finding things allover the place that I haven't posted on Ravelry yet...

I made some socks for The Kid back in 2005:

I used Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, but because his feet are size 12 (even back then), I had to buy some coordinating yarn to finish the toes.  Anyway, he's never worn them because he doesn't "want to mess them up."  Aww.

The Husb wasn't left out in the socks-knitted-by-me department:

The yarn is Opal...I got it in Skagway back in 2005, but the socks were made the next year.

Kali Anastasi!/Happy Easter!

MK out.

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