Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Adventures in Gardening - Continued

Yesterday, The Kid and I drove around town shopping for flowers.  I researched a few flowers on the Internet, but finally came to the conclusion that I was going to go look at some more flowers and figure out what I wanted to plant.  I chose flowers by that age-old scientifically proven method of "what looks good."  Since the scope has been - it would all work out fine.

One thing of note, I am a visual learner, but there is probably an element of tactile/kinesthetic learning in my milieu...And don't forget the stubborn quotient. I am going to become a gardener the good, old-fashion way - I will do it the hard way.

I decided on a color theme - I like the look of red, dark pink and orange together.  At the nursery, I looked at various flowers that liked sun in those colors.  I picked orange marigolds, pink petunias and red begonias.

Since the beds were prepared last weekend, I got down to the business of planting.  I have to say - it was way easier than the process of bed preparation...So, here we go - beds prepared:

Next, I set out the little pots in each area to see how they looked:

It took under an hour to plant all of them:

I see a bald spot:

I know I am new at this gardening thing and I've probably made mistakes already that you might be able to notice, but I'll figure it all out eventually...that's half the fun.

Tomorrow, I will plant some coleus that I purchased at a fundraiser yesterday.  I think I will put a few boxwoods in this spot too.

MK out.


Always Alice said...

You can't go wrong with marigolds and petunias....begonias....well they don't like to live for me.. I do know that the first two like to have the blooms picked off after they fade...cause they like to bloom again when you keep it up!!

I love the color choices you have....and sounds like you are having fun! and that is the reward of gardening...

Karin said...

Sweet!!! It's still way too cold around our parts here to plant anything...

Knitrageous said...

Looking good! We will probably be on water restrictions around here. Midland already is and it's as dry there as everywhere around here.

knittingyards said...

Looking nice. The only thing I can think of that you didn't mention, is that you should thoroughly water them after planting so the dirt settles back down around the new flowers. Basically you would like to see the water standing at the base for a moment before you stop watering that first time.