Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie Monday - 4/04/2011

The gardening continued yesterday and is fast falling out of favor with me again.  I had to pull up tons of broken up roots before I could put my coleus plants in the ground.  I am a little sore as I type, but here's what you came for:

I saw Jane Eyre in the theater with a friend this weekend.  After I watched, I had to go back and refresh my memory of the story, because I read the book too many years ago to count.  I can safely say that it is a good adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel.   Mia Wasikowska stars as Jane, and Sally Hawkins - usually in lighter roles - played her mean aunt.  It was very, very good...but definitely a chic flick.

Waiting for Superman is a very engaging documentary about the state of the American education system.  If you go to and pledge to watch the film, $5.00 gets donated to an educational project of your choosing.  You can also go pledge even if you have already seen the film, but have not yet pledged.  If this film doesn't call you to action, I don't know what will.  It is not just inner city children who are not getting a good education in this country.  It follows several kids and their stories.  Each family tries to get their child into a charter school, but not all are successful.  KIPP Academy and the Harlem Children's Zone are two of the programs that are presented.  I thought it was a powerful film.  See it.

In Leaving, Kristin Scott Thomas plays a woman who is bored with her life and decides to reestablish her career.  While her office is being built, she falls in love with the subcontractor and the two begin an affair.  The film is in French with English subtitles.  It was alright.

Nanny McPhee Returns, starring Emma Thompson reprising her role as the magical nanny, focuses on a mom trying to keep her unruly children in check while trying to keep the family farm over their heads.  The father is off fighting in the war and their cousins are sent to live with the family because of fighting in their hometown.  Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes and Maggie Smith also star.  It was alright...definitely not as good as the first one.

I also finished streaming Weeds Season Two.  I really think I am engaged because it is a little like watching a train wreck...Definitely entertaining, though.

MK out.

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MarytheKay said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to see Jane Eyre. I didn't realize it was already out! Sounds like a Girls' Night Out!