Friday, March 29, 2013

FO Friday - 3/29/2013

The list of WIPs has gotten a little shorter...

I finished the Summer Chills Cardi:

I followed the instructions for the six month size, but I knew that this cardi was going to turn out larger because of the gauge. The yarn I was using (Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton) is really more of an Aran weight than a worsted weight.  No matter - I like to make baby gifts at least in the 12 month size, as babies grow fast in those first few months.  Most of the time, I start the garment after the baby is born.  I'm not really the fastest finisher, since I seem to have several things going at once...Also, babies tend to stay in size 12 the longest; so, it has worked out for me. 

I also finished the Purl Ridge Scarf:

It was a pretty fast knit, but I have to tell that I had started it on size 5.0mm needles, since I had forgotten (and not paying attention - It's becoming a pattern with me) that the yarn is a DK weight...not worsted.  It was looking all loosey-goosey, and it wasn't very flattering.  I frogged it and started it on size 4.0mm needles.  I liked it much better.  To account for the fact that I was using smaller yarn and smaller needles than what the pattern instructed, I cast on 260 stitches and worked two more repeats of the pattern.  It worked out just fine.

MK out.


RubyC said...

Your beautiful creations - I am envious. Gorgeous as always.

Margo Lynn said...

I loved seeing you in the Purl Ridge at DFW Fiber Fest on Saturday!