Monday, April 1, 2013

Movie Monday - 4/1/2013

In Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, a sheik who likes to fish wants to stock the river with salmon.  In a turn of events, the fisheries expert in Britain is consulted to make it happen. It turns into an international incident, as the British Prime Minister's press secretary, played by Kristen Scott Thomas, is desperate for a good story to take the focus away from recent embarrassing news events.  Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt also star in this quite entertaining rom-com.  I really liked it.

Michelle Williams plays the wife of a bomb squad officer in Incendiary, set modern day London.  She is very unhappy about his job situation, as he seems to be working all the time and they have a young son.  Ironically, he and the boy are killed in a terrorist attack involving suicide bombers, while she is in bed with a journalist (Ewan McGregor) that she had recently met.  Talk about guilt issues...I can't really write too much more or it would spoil the movie, but I really liked it.

MK out.


RubyC said...

Sounds like I need to be watching some movies this fine Monday. But hey today is Ten for Tuesday. So what top ten are you working on for Tuesday.

Unknown said...

I really want to see Salmon Fishing. Keep hoping it'll show up in rotation on one of my flights. Went to see Olympus Has Fallen last week. Typical action flick (apparently our last politically correct generic enemy is North Korea) - but I will say that Gerard Butler does just fine in the typical Bruce Willis role...with less sweaty-ness. Yay!

Unknown said...'s pearl..I'm not really "unkonwn"