Friday, March 1, 2013

FO Friday - 3/1/2013

I've been starting projects left and right the last few weeks, and I've managed to finish a few along the way.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately - yesterday being the worst day e-VAR!  I looked at the Infinitude Cowl/Scarf that I sort of finished a while back.  The pattern calls for 300 yards of worsted yarn.  Well, after completing three repeats of the horizontal pattern, I had used 274 yards and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go on.  I liked the way it looked; so, I bound off and put it aside.  I had three balls of the Plymouth Yarn Silk Merino left, and I had another cowl pattern that I wanted to try.

As I was saying, I looked at my Infinitude and decided that I wanted to either finish it or move on.  I had started (and by started, I mean I had cast on) a Garland Cowl on Tuesday; so, I picked it up and knitted along...all day...I finished it yesterday afternoon:

It took a smidge over two balls to complete.  The middle panel doesn't thrill me - I'd be very happy with another five rounds of the YO, K2tog pattern instead.  I know that if I did a little blocking, it would probably bring out the lace pattern more, but I really think blocking is over used these days...

Being that I had leftover yarn, I picked up the Infinitude and picked back the bind off.  I proceeded to complete another repeat of the horizontal pattern and binded off last night:

I'm not the best picture taker, but I think I need props.  I'm thinking I want to purchase a mannequin of some sort on which I can style my creations and photograph them better.

Until then, y'all will suffer a bit, I'm afraid.  I hope your retinas don't scar.

Back in January, I finished knitting a Lava Flow Cowl.  It begins with a provisional cast on, as the ends are to be grafted together when the cowl is completed.  So, this whole last month, I've been trying to wrap that one around in my mind.  I can graft stockinette with my eyes closed (not really, but it's a descriptive sentence) - however, this item was knitted in a pattern - 2x2 rib, but a pattern just the same...It ain't stockinette.

Today was the day...I pulled out my copy of Lucy Neatby's Finesse Your Knitting 1 DVD.  (If you don't have any of Lucy's'd better get right over to her website and get some...I'm just saying.)  The section about grafting stitches from top to bottom is very helpful.  Unfortunately, I was already behind.  I should have prepared better for the grafting before I started the pattern. 

Lucy loves waste yarn setups in more than one color, because they help you see how the yarn is traveling.  Darn, all I had done was a cable provisional cast on.  Oh well...

I did the best with what I had at that point.  (I have another cowl OTN that I started the same way and it has a pattern - moss stitch - so, I will have to wing it a little after-the-fact with that one too).

I did the graft and pulled out the red "first row" in the waste yarn on one side:

After I checked it to make sure it was okay and pulled out the different colored row on the other end, I deemed the mission a success.  It's not perfect, but the join is not visible to me:

I wove in the ends, and vee-oh-lah! it is finished:

It is my entry in The Loopy Ewe's 2013 First Quarter Challenge.  I used one skein of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Moorland.  It was a pleasurable knit.

And...finally...I came across a pair of socks a couple of days ago that I had finished in January...the January 2012 Socks to be precise...

The pattern is Elderflower Wine, and I used Black Sheep Dyeworks Sock Weight Superwash Merino.  It is heavenly.  I liked working the pattern, although it required much concentration on my part.  I remember that it was challenging to find the time to sit down and follow the chart.

I'm glad that I found them when I did, because yesterday was the last day to post them on the Sock Knitters Anonymous January Challenge thread to compete for prizes.  I'm not so concerned about that, as much as I like to finish what I start.  I had a cast on post and I needed a bind off post to feel complete.

Lot's of FOs, huh?  Don't worry...I have just as many WIPs currently. 

MK out.

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