Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Monday - 3/25/2013

I spent last week watching the shorts presented by PBS's On-Line Film Festival. There were about two dozen films...each from a few minutes to up to twenty minutes long.  Some were inspiring, some were informative...most were entertaining.  There were three that I really liked:

Noc Na Tanecku - about one of the last Czech dance halls in Texas.
Capsule - about two astronauts depleting the oxygen in their crashed space ship.
CatCam - about a cat with a small video camera strapped to its collar to record its life away from his family.

The films are still on the website - go watch them when you have some time -

Not too long ago, a friend and I had lunch and then went to the movies.  She wanted to see Safe Haven.  Julianne Hough plays a woman running from her past.  She starts a new life in a small town.  Josh Duhamel plays a widower with two small children who takes an interest in her.  It was cute but predictable...definitely a renter.

MK out.

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