Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 8/1/2012

Here's what's on my needles currently:

From left to right: I started my Camp Loopy 3 project, Derecho, on July 27th but haven't worked on it since in my mad-dash-end-of-the-month-flurry to finish as many things as I could have from my July4th WIPs before the end of the month.  Next, the May 2012 socks have been waiting patiently, as have the April 2012 socks, respectively.

As you can tell, I didn't finish all six of the projects I had OTN at the beginning of July - but four out of six is nothing to sneeze at.

I also have a super, secret project going...details to follow in a few weeks.  It's the scarf I am making for a scarf swap:

Finally, this ball of yarn is destined to become the August 2012 socks:

I think that they will be either plain vanilla stockinette or 2x2 ribbing.  I haven't quite decided.

I am off to knit a while. 

What's on your needles?

MK out.

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