Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Monday - 8/27/2012

I've seen a few movies recently:

The Last Lions is a documentary about Ma di Tau, an African lioness, and her three cubs as they go about their quest for survival. It was very good and it pointed out the fact that Africa has a diminishing population of lions. I noticed that I have a hard time watching the cruelty of nature, even though intellectually, I understand all about survival of the fittest and other laws of nature. Despite that difficultly, I liked this film.

Hope Springs is a cute movie with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones playing a longtime married couple who have lost the intimacy in their relationship. Steve Carrel plays the marriage therapist Meryl's character enlists to help them fix the situation. I really liked Steve Carrel in this more serious role. I've grown tired of the sophomoric characters he plays in his more comedic movies. Tommy's character wasn't too much of a stretch, but Meryl really hit all the notes portraying a woman at the end of her rope regarding the relationship with her husband. I liked it.

The Queen of Versailles started out being a documentary about the largest home in America under one roof.  David and Jacqueline Siegel started building this 90,000 square-foot house a few years ago.  When the market downturn in 2008 happened, the focus of the film changed to Siegel's scrambling to save the house, as well as his large timeshare resort in Las Vegas.  It shows the family cutting corners, such as having to fly commercial instead of taking the family airplane to visit old friends and family.  On the one hand, it is so hard to imagine the wealth and the charmed life these people lead.  On the other hand, it is entertaining to watch them trying to cope with  the normal issues of the common folk.  It was a very entertaining movie and I really enjoyed watching it.
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