Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Tart Life... opposed to The Sweet Life.

Sometimes, life can be challenging, as it is currently at Chez Merry Karma.  The blogging has suffered and will continue to do so until things settle out a bit.  Some projects will be coming to fruition in the next couple of months and then, hopefully, things will get back to normal.

Until then, here is a little yarn porn for you.  It's the leftovers of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Tart from the Derecho Shawl:

And here is something interesting I saw the other day:

My first thought was, if one is so excited about his/her recent divorce that he/she felt the need to shout it to the world in should have checked his/her spelling.

MK out.


Annemieke said...

My being spelling challenged was one of the reasons leading to the divorce.LOL

Ruby said...

I was looking for a picture of the Derecho on the blog. Snooping on Ravelry, here I come. Because I know it is gorgeous.

Lorette said...

Hope things settle down soon. The "just divorsed" cracks me up.