Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday 8/14/2012 - TV Trays and TV Dinners

This week's topic in 10 Favorite TV Shows from Childhood.  [To Carole - I think you are younger than I am, even though there may be some overlap.]

Anyway, we watched a lot of tv growing up.  That's how my momma learned how to speak English; so, it was a win-win for the whole family.  I know that there are tons more than ten that were my favorites, but I'll stick to my young teen and under years - that should narrow down the list a little:

1.  Dark Shadows - My friend Patty and I would run to our respective homes after school to watch this gothic soap opera.  Then, we would discuss the previous day's happenings on the playground during PE the next day.  I had a little crush on David Hennesy - He played David Collins.
2.  The Monkees - I fell in love and married Davy Jones while watching this show.
3.  The Partridge Family - I cheated on Davy with David Cassidy, and luckily - he never found out...
4.  Medical Center - I wanted to grow up and become a nurse to work with people like Dr. Joe Gannon.  (Whew!  No Davids on this show...) 
5.  Green Acres - I always did identify more with Lisa...
6.  Bewitched - Ah, if only twitching my nose could get things done around here...

and I really miss fun, variety shows such as:
7.  The Ed Sullivan Show
8.  The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
9.  The Carol Burnett Show
10. The Red Skelton Hour

There are so many others...but I am going to stop now.

MK out.


Nichole said...

Variety shows are always fun! Happy ToT!

dianne said...

Variety shows were fun. I loved Donny and Marie :-)

Merry Karma said...

Thanks Ladies.

Nichole - sorry I cannot reply to you directly...Blogger is so stingy with the email addresses.