Friday, February 28, 2014

FO Friday - 2/28/2014

Hey, hey, hey,,,gotta an FO today...

The yarn, Abstract Fiber SuperSock, has nice twist to it and would be a good one for a textured pattern (in a solid or semi-solid color-way).  Even in this multi-colored one, the stitch definition is superb.  The yarn feels good in the hand while knitting.  The color-way, Be Mine, kept me entertained...and how apropos for February. I loved it in the skein, but when I first started knitting, I wasn't too sure.  After a few inches, I was charmed looked like a dish of candy hearts - with a little chocolate mixed in.

The pattern is my usual plain vanilla, top-down with a picot edge and an eye of partridge heel.  Since it wasn't a stripey and I wasn't going to get a bullseye, I figured I needed a different way to entertain myself.

Did you finish anything this week?

MK out.

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