Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday - 2/5/2014

What have I been knitting, you ask?

Well, I've gotten a little further along on the January 2014 Socks.  They might even be finished by Friday:

I had to do a little manipulation of the color repeats because I wasn't getting the usual bullseye with the short-row heel:

I like the usual bullseye:

I've also been trucking along on the Phiaro Scarf:

I think I have about three or four more inches and I can start dropping those stitches and the magic will be made.

Did I tell y'all I started an afghan?  Remember last month, I mentioned having a little bout of startitis?  Yeah, well, I've had the kit to make one of those Absolutely Fabulous Throws with the fun Colinette yarns for the longest.  So, I started one for me:

It's going to look marvy in my new bedroom:

Sorry, not the best picture.  It looks better than that currently - there's a bed with linens and the purple bench is at the foot of it -  but I don't have photographic documentation of this statement.

I also started an Ishbel shawlette:

I've got lots of fibery goodness to keep me occupied for a good while.

What's on your needles?

MK out.

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