Friday, June 28, 2013

FO Friday - 6/28/2013

Remember those socks that I wanted to show y'all today?  Well, last night, I dropped a stitch.  I thought I had fixed it, but then realized that I had not.  It is dark yarn, and knitting with dark yarn at night is risky business.  Very risky, because I realized that the stitch was in gusset decrease territory.

I waited until this morning to assess the situation:

Once I got my bearings, I knitted those few stitches back to where they became one - minding those decreases every other row:

Then I laddered back up to the top:

And I was once again ready to motor to the finish line:

I guess I won't finish them until tomorrow, since I am technically a day behind schedule now...

Since y'all didn't get finished socks today, here's the glamour shot of the Lazy Katy shawl that I have plastered allover know, just in case one of the three of you who read my blog haven't already seen it:

So, the first session of Camp Loopy is drawing to a close.  I enjoyed making this shawl.  I think I will wear it to church Sunday with a bright pink dress that I have.

For Camp Loopy 2, our challenge is to knit one of the popular patterns in the knitosphere.  I've picked out my yarn and pattern, but I am not revealing my choices here yet.  Of course, if you are on Ravelry, you already know - so, don't spill the beans, (in case - you know - I might get a non-knitting reader....It could happen)!!!

MK out.


aksherry said...

Great job. I wold have had to rip it back.

Bev said...

The socks are very pretty. Love the shawl!

Dena Maxson said...

The colors are gorgeous! Love it!

Billie Rae said...

I get to be the 4th person to read the blog (and comment). Great socks MK.