Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Monday - 7/1/2013

Did the earth move?  I've seen two movies in the theater in the last week:

Frances Ha, starring and co-written by Greta Gerwig, is a quirky little tale about a quirky not-so-little girl.  The movie is a peek at Frances and her life.  She is in her late-twenties and doesn't really have a place to live, or a real job or real friends, for that matter.  And despite wanting all that and more, she seems to get by in a charming and effortless way.  It was funny and it was cute.  I liked it.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star in an irreverently funny, but predictable buddy movie The Heat.  Bullock plays FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, who is very smart, serious, by the book and yet, a little arrogant. She is sent to Boston to help bring down a drug lord and is paired with Detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) - a foul-mouthed police officer, who doesn't have time to worry about procedural matters.  My ears were hurting from all the F-bombs, but it was the perfect, funny movie for me to brighten my mood.  It's not Academy Award winning caliber and probably a renter, but it was entertaining.  I liked it.

I also watched a video - a romantic comedy - with Jason Segal and Emily Blunt.  The Five Year Engagement is definitely a renter, but perfect for a day when there isn't anything good on television and all one wants to do is be entertained without having to put forth much effort.  Tom and Violet are a happy couple who become engaged a year into their relationship, but have to keep postponing the wedding because of Violet's career.  It's cute; it's predictable; it's alright.

MK out.

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