Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So...There are Bunnies...

We have bunnies.

Two weeks ago, I came home from running around and saw a bunny near my doorstep:

A couple of days later, there it was again:

I parked the car and examined the situation:

It hopped away and I took a look where it had been sitting - there was a hole...as in, a burrow.  I didn't take a picture.

The next day, I checked out the burrow again, but it had been covered up somewhat.  Interestingly, about the same time, The Kid was wondering why there were so many hawks in our cul de saq...

Yesterday, The Kid mowed the lawn, since it had been a few weeks while waiting for the lawn mower to come home from the shop.  I told him to look out for the bunnies, and he did.  He later said that he saw a big bunny and four baby bunnies hop away down the stairs...

Last night, I was returning from a visit with one of my besties, and I saw the bunny family by my knock out roses.  I parked the car to get a closer look. (Momma had hopped away):

Today, I went out to get the mail, and Momma Bunny hopped over to the neighbor's garden:

I looked around for the babies and even checked the burrow. (It's hard to see the depth of the hole, but there is one):


I sure hope the hawks don't catch wind of the situation, because the grass is much shorter and there are less places to hide.  Of course, it's a long way up those steps for baby bunnies to get back into their burrow.  I wanted to put them up there myself, but I didn't think it was a good idea.  Does anyone know anything about that? I wonder if Momma can carry them up (like cats do) one at a time and deposit them safely into their home?  

MK out.

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