Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 6/5/2013

Chez Merry Karma is in turmoil these days...Thankfully, I have my knitting.  (What do people do who don't knit or crochet?)

I currently have four things on the needles (OTN).  See, sometimes, I'm nice and I spell out those acronyms for you.  Today is one of those times.

The little spring cardi is stalled.  I won't show you a picture, because it looks exactly like the last time you saw it.

May's socks (Katniss) are coming along:

I am just starting the heel flaps on them.  I like the color of this yarn, although it is not a good project for night knitting.  (I need to get an Ott light for my den.  It would help tremendously.) I also like the cable:

June's socks have been started:

I am knitting Snow Queen for SKA's Literary Challenge this month.  The yarn is Tosh Sock in Betty Drapers Blue.  The four row repeat for the cuff is a little fiddly and slow-going, but once I finish that - look out!

I am also participating in Camp Loopy this summer.  For June, we have to make something out of one ball of yarn.  I chose Lazy Katy and I am using this ball of Zauberball out of my own stash. (Imagine that I would have some fun yarn like this one in my stash...)

Sadly, the longer I look at this project, the more I do not like the fabric I am making.  I think I need to go down one or two needle sizes.  Oy!

That's the list.

MK out.

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RubyC said...

I always love reading your blog posts. At least you posted some pics of some things that are WIP. I think I am the one that is WIP. Seems like I will never get through with me.

Thanks for sharing.