Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 5/9/2012

It's WIP Wednesday and what a wonderful Wednesday it is!  The sun is shining outside my window, but it is not too hot.

I have lots keeping me busy in the studio today.  I like calling my sewing room a studio...because, really, it is more than just a sewing room.  And, while I am not the most artistic or original or talented person out is where I create...

There are tons of babies being born in this world every single day...and I seem to know most of them.  I thought some burp pads would be in order:

I moved my operation from the kitchen to the studio, because the light is better in there...and technically, I am, what better place?

Isn't the stack cute?  There's also a pair of white jeans under there that I need to hem...

On the knitting front, I don't think these socks have really moved much since last Wednesday:

...nor have these:

I did a little on My Tarty Scarf:

I have been knitting, honest.  Look!  This cardi has progressed:

Remember when I bought this yarn:

and this yarn?

And remember when I discussed that I needed another one of the Oceana to make the shawl in TML or two in MCN Fingering, because the Carnivale is an MCN base?  While I was in Fort Worth last week, I went by Madtosh.  They only had Oceana on Sock, Chunky and a couple of other bases that were not appropriate.  We looked on the Madelinetosh site - no dice.  The Loopy Ewe and Jimmy Beans Wool didn't have any either - and since these are retail establishments, all I would be getting is the TML.  MCN is still in R&D phase.  Finally, we found some at Purl SoHo.  I ordered two skeins, in case there was a color variation with the one I have.  They came yesterday:

There was no color variation, but that's okay, because I already have a project in mind for the other skein. 

While I was waiting for my order, the Madelinetosh shop (not to be confused with Madtosh - because while they may be two wholly owned subsidiaries of the same company - they are separate entities) got some MCN Fingering in the warehouse and they dyed up some Oceana. 

Guess what I did?  Yep, I bought two skeins of Oceana on MCN Fingering.  I kind of wanted to keep the bases in the same family for this shawl - The Lazy Girl - and now I will have more Oceana on TML than I ever thought I would.  One skein is taken, remember, but if you have any suggestions for the other two, please send them on.

Did y'all notice that there's a project missing?

MK out.


Always Alice said...

Exactly how I make burp cloths too!
I usually buy 1 1/2 yards of the fabric I like and then after washing tear it into a square to hem for a light blanket..the rest makes a couple of the cloths. Aren't they fun???

Ruby said...

I cheat. I just buy pre-folded cloth diapers and that is my contribution as burp clothes.

And yes, where is your purple top at?


Ruby said...

Because you can get the prefolded diapers in various colors nowadays.