Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 5/22/2012 - I'd Rather Be Knitting

It's Tuesday!  That means Carole has a new topic for us, and today it is 10 Things You Wished You Liked.  Here are mine:

1. Snow skiing – My whole family skis and all are good at it. I just have a real problem with an activity in which an ambulance awaits at the bottom of the mountain.
2. Filing and paperwork wrangling – Ugh!
3. Cleaning house.
4. Exercising – I wish I could find an activity that can keep me fit, but is really fun.
5. Gardening – I tried it last summer, but the triple-digit temperatures really knocked the wind out of my sails…plus, it is an ongoing activity for those who like their garden to prosper…
6. Ironing – I used to like it…I don’t know what happened…I do it now only out of necessity.
7. Crocheting – I know some crochet stitches, but I am nowhere as fast or as adept at it as I am with knitting; so, I don’t really enjoy it.
8. Eating capers – I am Greek, and I think I am supposed to like them, considering that there are some Greek restaurants that seem to use them liberally.  It is a royal pain picking them out of my food...so, no thanks.
9. Riding roller coasters – I have motion issues in general, but I just did not enjoy riding the all two of them I have ridden in my life. Other people seem like they are having so much fun…but, not me.
10. Going camping – I would love to go camping if I had indoor plumbing, running water (with the option of heated water) and electricity….so, I’ll just stick to traveling in my RV – It’s like a really nice hotel suite on wheels.

MK out.


Ruby said...

Now I have to say, I have enjoyed your top ten today. Just know that you are not alone with that list.

Kym said...

Ewwww. Paperwork. Ugh! :-)

kathy b said...

I thought It was just me and snow skiing!!

Merry Karma said...

Thank you ladies!

@kathy b - You and I can just hang out in the lodge in our ski bunny outfits and drink hot toddies...