Saturday, April 28, 2012


 Madtosh Crafts opened this morning at 11:00. It was a long awaited event.  I snapped a pic of a few members of Occupy Madtosh:

There were at least twenty people waiting patiently outside until Amy opened the doors and greeted her guests:

Valet parking, cupcakes and punch were offered to those who came to see the newest shop in the North Texas area, and one that would carry Mdelinetosh yarns.

They raffled off things too, and I won something! It's 8 skeins of MT DK Twist in the Tart color way (I know!), the Wanderlust pullover pattern and a Madtosh bag:

I bought some fat quarters and a neat magazine:

There's more than Madelinetosh yarn - Cascade (think Ultra Pima), The Fiber Company (think Terra), Manos, Be Sweet, Rowan and Blue Sky Alpaca - just to name a few...There's also fiber, patterns, magazines, needles, hooks and other supplies. And, that's just half of the store. On the other side, there's fabric and patterns and sewing notions and fat quarters...Oh my!

The store is adorable. There are built in cubbies for the yarn and fabric. Amy has decorated the place in a charming manner...There are some vintage items - even a loom in the corner. It's antique and very cool. If you have the chance, you should stop in. I think you will like it. might see me there.

MK out.


Ruby said...

It is a wonderful shop and when all things settle down, it will be a place to go and relax and be on sensory overload. It was exhilarating today. And you won the TART yarn. I know where your spare time will be spent when you get moved to Fort Worth. Yes, ma'am. I know where to find you. Won't need a home address, cause you will be at home at Madtosh.


Merry Karma said...

Right as rain Ruby...right as rain!

Gynx said...

I was so jealous of your win! My ticket was only one number off!

I have to agree, it is an amazing shop.

Shama D said...

That's very exciting, MK!!! And you totally deserve it!! I would love to take a trip up there someday!!! And maybe buy some yarn and fabric!!!

Gynx said...

I see me in the third picture!

Merry Karma said...

Thanks really need to come check it out.

Gynx - I know - I liked that I knew some of the peeps in that third picture...And don't be too just might win some one day soon...