Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday - 4/18/2012

My, my...but the weeks sure seem to fly by!  Here it is WIP Wednesday again.  Didn't I just write the last WIP Wednesday post?  Well, maybe it just seems that way because that is the last post on the blog... 

There are three things OTN right now, and here they are:

It's time for the third repeat on the Aragorn socks:

These socks are very slow going...They require some attention while working on them.

I am ready for armhole decreases for the front and the back of the Lacy Summer Top:

This pattern could have been written a little clearer for the armhole section, but otherwise, it is a fun knit.  I figured if I make the push to finish this project to wear this weekend, it will get done.  It worked for the Little Red Sweater.  I finished it on Friday and gifted it on Sunday.  (Whew!  Just under the wire!!!)

I needed a portable project for the weekend; so, I started an infinity-ish scarf. (You graft the ends together after the scarf is finished):

I like the yarn - Urban Silk - It is very soft.

I believe this number of projects at a time is better for me.  Well, I do have another project OTN, but it has been put on a back burner until I finish the Lacy Summer Top.

MK out.

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