Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 1/5/2011

I didn't really knit more than a couple of rows a day this past week.  I have two projects going.

First, I am still working on the Surprise Bag that will be felted:

Secondly, I started the Mermaid Socks.  I am making them two-at-a-time - they are a bit slow going.  I really like using this yarn.  It's really squishy and the colors are happy.  I like the pattern.  I feel like I have a smile on my face the whole time I am knitting, but maybe I am just smiling on the inside. 

I am still very excited about my Cold Sheep Year.  I have some really neat yarn, some super needles and I enjoy knitting.  It's a win-win for the Merry Karma!  For you needle hos out there, Signature is expanding the size range a bit for their circular needles.  When they make the sock needle size circulars...I will be really happy.

MK out.

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Annemieke said...

Love the yarn you are using for your socks. What is it?