Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

I am not one for resolutions anymore, because over the years, I noticed that they were always the same.  I like challenges better.  2009 was the Year of Decrapification.  Right before the holidays, I hired a professional organizer, and most of the decrapifying was accomplished before the end of the year.  2010 was the Year of Redecoration.  Right before the holidays, I had the painters come in and they've done the first floor.  (Are we seeing a pattern here?)

I picked an easier challenge for 2011 - The Year of the Cold Sheep.  For the muggles out there, it means that I will not buy yarn this year EXCEPT I have allowed myself to make a thoughtful purchase or two at DFW Fiber Fest in April and at Sock Summit in July.  But that's it. I will shop from stash only.  I have plenty of yarn to make all kinds of things.  I can be perfectly happy for a long time, and I am starting today...Well, actually, I started November 1, just to get myself in the groove. 

I deleted all the tempting e-mails from the local yarn shops advertising their year end sales.  I didn't go to any...and remember, the last two years, I worked at one of them?  It was hard, I tell you.

So, today, I will list my problem projects (remember that post a few weeks ago?) and start tackling them one at a time, but not before I start my first project of the year...a pair of socks in my self-imposed sock club.  For January, I am going to make Lucy Neatby's Mermaid socks.  I've made them before, but this time, I will use Lucy Neatby's Cats Pajamas yarn in the Mermaid colorway. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!

MK out.


Knitrageous said...

Oh, you are brave! I should join you. But I might not! ha ha I see some gorgeous yarn and it calls me. My kids will have a heck of a garage sale some day.

Happy New Year to you! May it be the year all your dreams come true!

Merry Karma said...

You don't have to join me...You are on your own journey with your Knit a Year scarf.