Friday, January 7, 2011

FO Friday - 1/7/2011

I really have been knitting more since Wednesday's post.  In fact, I am knitting as fast as I can - when I am not at work or participating in other types of life's obligations.

Right now, I have only three projects going.  Did I forget to mention the little hat and booties project I started the other night?  I looked at my Ravelry Stash page and saw the orange Berroco Comfort DK sitting up there in the first position and thought - Hey!  I should make a pumpkin type hat or something for the baby gift box.  Well, it may have to be my spin on a pumpkin hat, as I don't think I have a good green to go with the orange....It is Cold Sheep Year around here; so, I'm not going to go out and buy a whole ball of yarn just for the top of the hat.  I'll think of something.

All this talk just to say, I don't have any new finished projects to share, but here's one that I finished in July.  I made it as a wedding present for a good friend of mine:

I found the pattern online...It's a free Crystal Palace Yarns pattern.  I used a worsted weight yarn doubled and size 15US needles.  I like the monochromatic textured look.

Speaking of the Cold Sheep Year...I am having a lot of fun looking through the stash boxes and coming up with projects I want to make.  I've had a particular project in mind for most of the yarn I've purchased throughout the last ten years.  (Can you believe that prior to that, I had no yarn hanging around my house...except for the ancient UFO that I've had for about twenty years?  I don't want to talk about that right now.)  I've changed my mind about a few of those proposed projects, several times since I've bought most of that yarn.  

There's some yarn I've bought with no particular project in mind...It was a "good deal."  Those good deals sure have a way of coming back and biting you in the butt. 

Then there's the sock yarn...It can turn into...well, socks - but the actual patterns I will use are still a mystery.  Some sock yarn may turn into a shawl or two.  I don't know....I kind of like the mystery.

MK out.

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