Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm in Love

I take it hard when the STARS trade players. On the day of the trade deadline, they sent Jussi Jokinen, Mike Smith and Jeff Halpern to Tampa Bay for Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist. I really like Jussi, Smitty and Halpern. They are good guys and really good players. Plus, they were a part of my team. Well, it turns out that last night, at the first home game with Brad Richards - he had 5 or 6 assists - and helped Nick Hagman score a hat trick (3 goals in one game). Daaayuuuum! Mike Modano, who? I believe I found my new lover boy.

In other news, it is no secret that I lu-u-urve me some Dr. Pepper. Not Diet Dr. Pepper - I despise that, but the real, leaded, full-strength, sugary Dr. Pepper. Recently, I had seen some commercials for the limited edition Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. Did I ignore the words Diet Dr. Pepper in that name? Why, yes I did. Two days ago, on my way to Ft. Worth, I stopped to get gas, and was a little thirsty; so, I thought I'd buy a drink. I was perusing my choices when I came upon the Dr. Pepper products. I thought, "Oh! I wonder if they have the limited edition Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper?" They did, and I bought some. In one word: yuck.

I kept wanting it to taste like chocolate covered cherries, specifically the ones made by Godiva. I kept drinking it, thinking that the next swallow would taste like freakin Godiva's chocolate covered cherries. I am one stubborn woman - I drank the whole thing, and not one mouthful of Godiva's chocolate covered cherries was tasted.

Merry Karma out.

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