Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Week in Weather

Monday early evening, The Kid and I were walking out of the grocery store and noticed that it appeared to be raining - No...Wait! It was snowing...Not in a big, fluffy flakes, really coming down kind of way, but in a small flakes, sideways blowing snow kind of way.

We drove home trying to predict if it was going to stick - checking the air temperature on the dash, factoring in the previous day's temperature in the high 60s - and hoping that it would. When we got home, I spent some time by the window watching it snow in the cul de saq and admiring the quiet beauty of it. I thought about taking a picture, but I knew that I do not have the technology, nor the technical skill to take a picture of it snowing in the dark.

When we awoke Tuesday morning, there was still snow on the ground. I did take some pictures before I went to work. By the end of the workday, it was all gone.

Here are some pics:

The view from the front door.

The view from the back door.

A closeup of some holly near the house.

So, this morning, the weather forecast was for a high in the upper thirties. A snow storm was predicted to hit north of us later this evening. There was a chance of snow accumulations, predicted to be about 1-2 inches, around the Metroplex.

Here is the view from my car driving home from work at 2:30PM. It had started snowing around noon.

I rolled down the window, while waiting at a stop sign and snapped this one.

Here's the kid at the bottom of the driveway informng me that there was no way that I could make it up the driveway.

I ignored his declaration and tried it anyway.

This view from the front door shows my car parked at the curb after repeated attempts to go up the driveway. The tire marks in the snow further illustrate my attempts.

This picture was taken from inside the garage looking out towards the neighbor's house.

It ain't Canada - but we are having a real life, frikken-frakken snow storm. Another wave is coming later.

Merry Karma out.

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