Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today is Trashy Thursday

I am spending one day a week decrapifying my house, and Thursdays are "the day." I am not going to talk about that today.

Today is about works-in-progress. There was no WIP Wednesday post if there have been more than one. For the sake of argument, we will overlook the fact that tradition implies that something has been done more than once.

I drove over to Fort Worth to meet my friend Amy for lunch at Uncle Julio's. We made a stop at one of our fave LYSs - Yarns Ewenique - before heading over to The Four Star Coffee Bar to spend the rest of the afternoon knitting and solving the problems of the world.

Here's a shot of Amy wearing two fingerless mitts that I knitted. I designed the one on the left for her business out of her yarn. I knitted the one on the right out of Jojoland yarn that I picked up at the first DFW FiberFest. I used Kim's Sockotta Fingerless Gloves pattern, but instead of knitting the partial fingers, I finished them off mitt-style.

Also OTN (on the needles) are a My Constant Companion bag and my Louisa Harding Shawlette. The shawlette has sort of been on snooze for a while, but it is further along than the last time you saw it.

Oh - and if you noticed on a previous post...It would seem that I was under the impression that the Giants played the Raiders in the Super Bowl. A kind friend of mine alerted me of that mistake. I am not going to correct it...I've been calling the Patriots the Raiders all season long. Again...I am such a football fan.

MK out.

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