Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Congratulations Giants! I really did not care one way or the other about the outcome of the Super Bowl...If the Raiders had won, they would've had a perfect season, and that is quite an accomplishment. I didn't mind the Giants winning since they beat the Cowboys, and I really like Eli Manning. Yeah, I'm a real football fan.

2. Go STARS! After losing two straight at home, the STARS set out on a 3-game away stretch in Western Canada and swept the series. Woo hoo!!! They are back home on Tuesday night hosting the Vancouver Canucks.

3. Lost is found! The fourth season started last Thursday night, and needless-to-say, I was thrilled. After 3 seasons of flashbacks giving us the back stories of many of the characters, season four is all about the flash forwards. Last season's finale indicated that some of the Losties were rescued, but after the other night we are left wondering who didn't get off the island. We know that three of the Oceanic Six are Jack, Kate and Hurley. There is much debate and speculation on the internet about who the other three could be...even on Ravelry, the knitting and crocheting community.

I'm's time to sleep.

Merry Karma out.

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