Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 2/13/2013

Last week, I took a picture of my WIPs and was all ready to tell y'all about them, but my computer was in the hospital.  

Now it's back and here's the picture:

Near the 12 o'clock position, a washcloth out of some cotton chenille yarn leftovers is in the works.  One of the charities that the DFW Fiber Fest is sponsoring this year is called The New Start Project.  It sounds like a really good cause, I have some yarn and I even have a couple of washcloths already knitted from last year - so, I thought I'd play.

The two balls of yarn sitting there without any needles nearby are Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs Henbane - Gothling in the Blood Queen colorway.  They are destined to become my February 2013 Socks...

Finally, I've had that red, sparkly, novelty stuff for a while now.  It's Ironstone Pizzaz.  It's three different novelty yarns carried together...not they kind of move at different, they make a mess every now and then...yeah.

As you can surmise, I've been in a red yarn and instant gratification knitting mood.  Life has been kind of rocky at Chez Merry Karma lately - red yarn makes me happy and small projects are satisfying.  So, that's been the order of the day.

In the last week, I found some red yarn that wanted to be a cowl:

Then I found some other red yarn that wanted to be a cowl:

The socks haven't gotten too far:

One of the cowls from above is still OTN (which implies that the other one is finished):

I also have a green cowl in the works:

MK out.

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