Friday, February 22, 2013

FO Friday - February 22, 2013

It's still February...and I feel all Valentinesy the whole month long...and Valentines are red and pink and purple...but mostly red to me.

Everywhere I look, I see red, but in a good way.  There is red yarn allover this place!

I finished the washcloth out of red and pink chenille yarn:

I think I mentioned it's to donate to The New Start Project.  I hope the person who gets it feels the love in every stitch.

Remember this picture?  It is Lobster Pot Yarns Hand Dyed Cashmere that I had in the stash:

It became a cowl...the Chrysalis Cowl that I designed for Madelinetosh:

I had enough yarn to do four repeats of the pattern.

I finished the Sparkly Shawlette:

The yarn is Pizzazz by Ironstone.  The pattern is Litoral Shawl.  It was a relatively quick knit, save for the bothersome stopping every so often to untangle and straighten out the three strands of non-plied novelty yarns...

So, that's it.

MK out.

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RubyC said...

I love you and red and pink and how all three just go together. Looks like you have been busy. Hope to see you soon.