Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie Monday - 2/18/2013

I have been wanting to see Amour since long before it was nominated for one of the big five Oscar categories.  It's a French film, with English subtitles.  It's long and a friend who had seen it mentioned it was really slow.  Well, none of that bothered me.  The movie is about a couple who were now in their 80s, but had been talented and popular musical performers in the past. The wife suffers a stroke and the husband takes on the care taking duties.  We know from the beginning of the movie that she dies.  The movie is essentially the journey from the stroke to her death.  I thought it was very moving and powerful, in all its subtle glory, as many French films tend to be.  I really liked it.

I will divulge my picks for the Oscars soon.

MK out.

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